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CNC Vertical Boring

CNC Horizontal Boring

CNC milling

CNC turning

CNC drilling

Splining & Keyways

1-10,000 Units

Up to 3 Tonnes in Weight

ISO 9001

About Us

S & S Precision Engineering, currently operating from a 25,000 square feet site, is a private limited company which was founded more than 30 years ago.. By giving our customers the service they require, through investment in the latest technology and production techniques, achieving ISO 9002 along the way, we have continued to grow.

Our customers are to be found throughout the industrial infrastructure; in aerospace, the automotive industries, machine tools, oil, filtration etcetera. reflecting our proficiency in machining ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic materials.

Any customer enquiry will, as always, be treated courteously and confidentially, while any quotation is provided without obligation.