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CNC Vertical Boring

CNC Horizontal Boring

CNC milling

CNC turning

CNC drilling

Splining & Keyways

1-10,000 Units

Up to 3 Tonnes in Weight

ISO 9001

Recent Projects

S+S Precision Engineering offers cooperation on engineering projects to its customers, combining design and production of machined plastic and metal components to the customerís requirements.


S+S Precision offers services in the machining of designs for prototypes components including input on the most economic and practical machining method and programmes and trial & error machining cycles.


Once prototypes have been produced then S+S Precision offers competitive price and delivery on small or large batch quantities of the component or suggests modifications to the prototype to make CNC machining more cost effective and efficient in single or multiple batch production.

Single Components

Projects including large components can be accommodated with over 50 CNC machines, many accepting components of up to 2m in size and ample workshop space and crane lifting capacity up to 20 ton in our freehold 25,000 sq ft factory.


S+S Precision prides itself on its customer orientation offering what is believed to be the best customer service, delivery record and responsiveness to customerís problems of any precision engineering company in the North East of England